The scale of natural or man-made disasters is steadily rising, urging the need for integrated solutions that will enable effective real-time management of events with enormous destruction potential. Since it is impossible to predict when and where the next crisis will occur and at what intensity, national preparedness is required to ensure first responders’ readiness and response capabilities - from the level of decision-makers and event managers to the response forces in the field.
The TAR Disaster & Event Management Concept provides Municipalities, Emergency Services and First Responders with a complete solution to mitigate and manage large-scale disasters:
• Advanced Technologies & Sensors
• National/Regional/Field Command & Control Centres
• Protective & Personal Equipment
• Advanced Communications
• Traffic & Evacuation Management Systems
• Mitigation & Contingency Planning
• Methodologies & Procedures
• Interoperability between multiple First Responders & Services
• Advanced and Ongoing Training
• Unified Situational Picture
• Task Management • Resource Allocation
• Data Collection & Analysis
• Interfaces with the Army, Police & Hospitals
• Alerts
The TAR Mobile Solution system is a 360° micro mobile network solution that enables first-responders to set up voice quickly, data, and SMS services in disaster-prone areas. The TAR Mobile Solution System comes in ruggedised packaging and can be easily hand-carried and set up quickly within minutes. It has an integrated battery for operations for up to 8 hours with an option to re-charge from any AC or DC source.
High-end and low-end sensors for early detection of events like earthquakes and tsunamis, life detection sensors for quickly locating victims trapped under rubble, and a revolutionary heart beam locator that uses microwaves to find heart beams and rescue victims.
As disaster strikes, people could quickly lose their homes and be left with nothing. Civil refugee management is necessary for emergencies because of an early evacuation warning or actual destruction.

TAR’s experts provide a complete solution for effectively managing refugees, from setting up a field centre, providing accommodation and heating to training first response teams.
TAR’S field hospital comprises several ISO 1 C container modules based on the customer’s requirements. The following modules may be applied:
• Surgery preparation room
• Sterilization room
• Surgery
• Intensive care unit
• X-ray room
• CT room
• Dental care room
• Pharmacy
TAR’s K9 unit provides elite search and rescue dogs that detect missing persons alive, covered by earth, rubble or underground by following a scent carried in the air.

The dogs are trained to ignore all interferences in their working area, such as scattered food and work equally well in the dark, using their sense of smell and hearing abilities to the maximum. It is calculated that one dog is equivalent to approx. 20 searchers.
Full range of high-quality certified composite manned and unmanned aircraft for supporting search and rescue missions and helping ground forces in events of emergency, such as wildfires, earthquakes, tsunamis, mass-casualty events and more.
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