Maritime border security

TAR offers customized maritime borders security solutions that integrate a wide range of systems and technologies, including radars and day/night electro-optics, underwater sensors, fully deployed manned and unmanned vessels, UAS, and naval C4I with enhanced MDA capabilities.

A nation’s maritime borders are vulnerable to the same threats as all borders – from smuggling operations involving arms, drugs, or people to activities that form part of a coordinated terrorist attack.

We combine our vast operational experience with our unique multi-layered, multidisciplinary security approach and marine-adapted technologies to provide governments with innovative solutions, ensuring comprehensive maritime border protection.
A wide range of high-performance, fixed and portable, coastal and maritime short/long-range radars, day/night electro-optics, underwater sensors, aerial sensors, intelligence gathering sensors and more.
A broad offering of fully equipped manned and unmanned vessels fitted with a wide range of special systems and payloads, including:
  • Maritime defense systems
  • Armament systems
  • Sighting systems
  • Special mission equipment (combat, search & rescue and more)
  • Communication systems
Provides detection and response capabilities with electro-optics, maritime radars, sonars, diver nets, sea barriers and patrol vessels in a configuration that gives rapid response units the necessary time and distance to stop intruders.
Maritime Domain Awareness is a core enabler for effective, cross-organisational maritime security, addressing many threats, such as piracy, illegal fishery, smuggling or maritime terrorism.

TAR’s MDA solution actively collects information on vessels entering a country’s territorial waters and explores their full profile, including compliance, safety risks, sanctions violations and other relevant factors. It monitors, detects, and prioritises threats in real-time and provides insights, actionable intelligence, and reports to authorities, enabling them to rapidly respond to threats and ensure proper maritime security. Which helps decision-makers mitigate risks, make informed decisions and optimize resources.

TAR’s scalable UAS systems are tailored to key missions and offer improved coverage for maritime border-related threats, including smuggling of illegal substances, human trafficking, attempted sabotage of the border barrier, terrorist assaults, and more.

The highly sophisticated and small UAS platforms are designed specifically for long-range tactical missions. It has cutting-edge avionics, communication systems, and high-performance sensors, making it ideal for various applications with the strictest mission-critical requirements.
Offshore security operations, in routine or in crisis times, on a rig or open water, are uniquely complex and require a unified platform that will provide a comprehensive and accurate real-time situational awareness picture.

TAR’s C4I is based on a Big Data intelligence and analytics platform that collects, integrates, and analyses structured and unstructured data from sensors, databases, open sources and more and transforms it into actionable insights, which helps decision-makers mitigate risks, make informed decisions and optimize resources.
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