TAR Disinfection Pod makes it easy for your team to disinfect mobile, reusable equipment in fast 5-minute
cycles that are effective against against C. diff, MRSA, CRE, VRE and other MDROs.
The power of TAR Disinfection Pod for mobile, reusable equipment anywhere
One Of A Kind: TAR Disinfection Pod is the first of its kind mobile disinfection pod to help hospitals disinfect
high-touch complex equipment such as Isolettes, Ventilators, Ultrasounds, Vital Sign Monitors, Wheel
Chairs, and Mobile Work Stations.
360 Degree UV Coverage: Highly reflective aluminum-bonded fabric scatters Pulsed Xenon UV light for
360 degrees of coverage, even in small angles and crevices.
Portable: Lightweight, collapsible, durable, and flame-rated to U.S. NFPA 701 standards
Easy Assembly and Small Footprint: Sets up in minutes by only 1 user. 35”x 86” footprint meets NFPA Life
Safety Code 101 for safe hallways and corridor use.