The stabbing death of a 35-year-old man in the German town of Chemnitz on Sunday, August 26th led to violent anti-immigration protests organized by far-right groups. After false reports surfaced that the murdered man had been defending a woman from Middle East refugees, right wing leaders took to social media calling on supporters to protest the injustice.

The next two days saw violent clashes between police, anti-immigrant protestors, and individuals who came out in support of the refugees. Two arrests were made and police are pursuing 10 individuals who made Nazi salutes outlawed in Germany.

Evolution of Riot Control Methods

Throughout the 20th century, anti-government protests have led to hundreds of civilian deaths eventually resulting in regime change. In some cases, like the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 or the more recent coup attempt in Turkey, they have provided the autocrats at the top an excuse for extinguishing the remnants of opposition.

It has become clear that violently crushing a protest is likely to lead to either the collapse of the ruling party or further repression. It’s needless to say that modern democracies are weary of such escalations. It has therefore become incumbent upon governments and Law Enforcement agencies to come up with new innovations in equipment and methodologies that allow Police and Riot control Units to disperse riots quickly and effectively using non-lethal methods.

TAR Offers Wide Range of Riot Control Solutions

TAR IDEAL, a subsidiary of Avnon Group, offers a wide range of non-lethal solutions for crowd control. We provide Law Enforcement agencies integrated solutions ranging from protective clothing, communications, customized vehicles to the most advanced cyber solutions used worldwide.

Cyber Intelligence and the next generation of crowd control

The anti-riot Intelligence Vehicle incorporates all of TAR’s most advanced intelligence-gathering capabilities into one vehicle. It allows a team of operatives to detect suspects within a crowd, collect their personal data and pinpoint their location. Security personnel can send a warning SMS that is likely to prevent any further exacerbation or make an arrest if there is an escalation in hostilities.

SKUNK- Environmentally Friendly

Developed to meet the operational needs of riot control units, SKUNK provides a non-violent solution for crowd dispersal.  It’s environmentally friendly, and, once activated, releases a repugnant odor forcing rioters to become incapacitated. The effect of the SKUNK is temporary and dissolves without leaving a trace after it’s washed off the clothes and body.


How K9 enhances operational capabilities and security

By investing in comprehensive and customised K9 services, operational units can improve their ability to address complex and challenging situations while minimising risks to human life.   K9 units have long been integral to law enforcement agencies and military units, providing a valuable extension of their capabilities in complex and

Without a physical barrier, how can you secure a border?

Intelligent mobile border control systems combined with fixed protection posts provide a flexible and dynamic approach to border security, offering maximum security in areas where physical barriers are not possible or preferred.   Border security is a crucial issue in many countries, particularly those with porous or disputed borders. While

How AI is changing border protection

AI technology will enhance border security, improve efficiency, and streamline operations   Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising border protection. Over the past few years, many countries have invested heavily in AI technology to enhance border security, improve efficiency, and streamline operations. Enhancing border surveillance is one of the ways AI