Globalization and Rise in Crime

Globalization and the use of internet have had an enormous effect on the illegal drug market making it more challenging for drug enforcement and border control units to prevent narcotics from entering their countries. In Europe, as the establishment of the European Union created open borders between member states, the unrestricted flow of individuals and goods between countries have multiplied the opportunities to smuggle contraband by air, land and sea.

As criminals become more savvy in their smuggling methods, using the dark web as their meeting ground, so too have the technologies and methods for gaining access into criminal networks and apprehending the ring leaders.

TAR IDEAL offers a wide range of solutions not only for border patrol, airports and seaports, but also Law Enforcement agencies looking to increase their capabilities to capture criminals on a domestic level.

Intelligence Solutions

TAR’s intelligence and cyber technology capabilities enable special units to gather intelligence and monitor borders via air, land and sea. Mobility is essential to operators and TAR has developed a customized border control vehicle concept equipped with advanced sensors used to gather and transmit information to the command control. Ideal for positioning along border perimeters or in an urban environment, the vehicle may be modified to meet specific operational requirements.

‘Cell Spoofing’

TAR also offers an advanced radar system that provides detection of small targets, a powerful day/night observation system that allows long range observation and detection using advanced thermal imaging. Using an IMSI catcher developed by TACTIC LABS, the operator can perform “cell spoofing” with a wide coverage area forcing the cell phones to register via a customized cell. The system can identify the unique IMSI and TMSI numbers that are associated with each phone.

Web Intelligence

TAR WEBINT platform is used by Law Enforcement and Intelligence units to identify and track drug trafficking networks, identify the connections between different targets and pinpoint the ring leaders. The modular Webint platform uses information gathered from OSINT using over 40 different social media platforms to gather, analyze and create target profiles. The system has the ability to create thousands of profiles based on the information gathered from an email or phone number reducing the need for both manpower and investigation time.

Our HLS security solutions integrate technologies and operational know-how to tackle threats from terrorist networks, international crime and attempted intrusions of critical infrastructures providing you with the capabilities to reduce crime and make your country a safer place to live.

K-9 Units

TAR provides K9 units with a full range of capabilities ranging from the establishment of a K9 unit, procurement of dogs to training and equipment. TAR has been leading the way in this area, supplying K9 units worldwide for nearly three decades. A combination of K9 units training and intelligence solutions have proven successful alongside police forces dedicated to defeating the drug trade.


How K9 enhances operational capabilities and security

By investing in comprehensive and customised K9 services, operational units can improve their ability to address complex and challenging situations while minimising risks to human life.   K9 units have long been integral to law enforcement agencies and military units, providing a valuable extension of their capabilities in complex and

Without a physical barrier, how can you secure a border?

Intelligent mobile border control systems combined with fixed protection posts provide a flexible and dynamic approach to border security, offering maximum security in areas where physical barriers are not possible or preferred.   Border security is a crucial issue in many countries, particularly those with porous or disputed borders. While

How AI is changing border protection

AI technology will enhance border security, improve efficiency, and streamline operations   Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising border protection. Over the past few years, many countries have invested heavily in AI technology to enhance border security, improve efficiency, and streamline operations. Enhancing border surveillance is one of the ways AI