TAR IDEAL CONCEPTS recently completed and handed over the keys as the implementation of the large-scale border control project in Africa was completed. TAR‘s border concept provided a coordinated border management solution for the Border Units. Integrating technologies and advanced equipment we provided the Border Control Units with a customized mobile solution designed to meet the specific threats of the region.

Maintaining a presence both on the ground and in the air is key during internal security missions. TAR’s border control vehicle concept monitors activities from both land and air using an array of sensors to gather information which is then relayed to the Command Control in real-time, enable operators to make rapid decision.

The Toyota Land cruiser with a double cabin was customized to include:

  • Light-weight radar used to detect small targets creating an accurate situational awareness picture up to 30 km.
  • IMSI Catcher– to perform “cell spoofing” with wide area coverage, forcing cell phones to register via a customized cell. The system was designed to identify the unique IMSI and TMSI numbers associated with the different phones within the radius.
  • A powerful day/night multi-surveillance and observation system with pneumatic mast were installed using advanced thermal imaging and CCD technology providing long range observation and detection for the operators.
  • UAV – The advanced UAV system was included to provide real-time day and night video stream via the Ground Control Station. Completely autonomous with long endurance and lightweight, it was the ideal solution for the border units providing fast deployment and turnaround time for covert surveillance missions.

Client orientated, TAR IDEAL CONCEPTS is flexible, and vehicles are to be used in formation at strategic points relaying back data to the Command Control. and we understand both the customer’s threats, requirements, budget and time constraints. Combining knowledge, technology, advanced equipment and training our ONE STOP SHOP concept enables us to deliver customized, turnkey solutions that enable our clients to be fully prepared to address threats ranging from terrorism, Homeland security and public safety.


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