Due to the COVID19 outbreak and all of its implication, the whole world is currently living through a period of substantial economic challenges; out on the streets, the tide is rising and demonstrators are becoming violent in their attempt to be heard and vent their frustrations. 

Social Media has enabled demonstrators to spread the word, incite protesters and organise demonstrations in no time-providing a greater challenge for authorities and Law Enforcement. In some cases there are demonstrators that have been paid to further incite the crowds.

Riots, crowd management and demonstrations fall under the responsibility of the local Police Force or in some countries with a National Police Force there dedicated teams trained to manage such events.

Like a fire, riots can spread and get out of control rapidly, resulting in severe injuries and deaths, that deepen mistrust and further fuel civil unrest. In order to prevent escalation, Law Enforcement departments need to keep a breadth with of latest tactics, equipment and training methods to ensure that demonstrations remain peaceful and under control.

So let’s take a look at some of the methods that will help your police force to maintain crowd control.

Interoperability –Plan Ahead

Evaluate all the elements that need managing during a demonstration, create protocols and assign unified guidelines for communication between different response units, mass event communication, transport and evacuation contingencies and mass arrest procedures, Command Control and event management.

Less than Lethal or Less Lethal Methods

In many cases a violent crowd or group of individuals fail to respond to Police orders and disband. In this scenario, the use of innovative less than lethal or less lethal technologies and munition are used by highly trained officers to rapidly disperse a violent crowd or group of individuals that fail to respond to lawful command without causing serious injuries or fatalities to the civilians or further fuelling public unrest.

Brush up on your tactics

As technologies and equipment evolve so do the methods of demonstrators. Police and riot teams need to constantly train and refresh their tactics, enabling them to respond rapidly and recognise crowd dynamics.

Mounted Police for crowd management
Undercover Police are planted in the crowd to detect and identify ring leaders, or violent individuals and monitor public sentiment
S.W.A.T. strategically deployed to rapidly respond and intervene if required.
Protective Clothing (IMAGE)



Escalating Violence Law Enforcement Agencies are constantly looking for nonviolent methods to manage crowds and prevent peaceful demonstration erupting into a violent riot. In recent years, the world has witnessed many examples of Law Enforcement using rubber bullets, gas, long range acoustic devices, water cannons and electric Tasers on the crowd. When used on an antagonized crowd this will generally incite them further, often causing heightened violence and

resulting in severe injuries, death and in some cases leading to the demise of a government

the ultimate solution made for Law Enforcement Agencies. may be deployed in different, scenarios and is most powerful game changer, providing immediate results.

The SIV is a multi-purpose vehicle built to meet the operational
needs of Law Enforcement Agencies. The vehicle enables inthe-
field units to monitor public events and deliver a non-violent
response at venues, and mass demonstrations.


Light-weight body worn camera, has encrypted memory, Durable and easily attached to a monitor to record the officers every move.

When fully integrated with our command center , this allows the officers to constantly keep their eyes on the mission and record valuable evidence.

body worn camera

Long Range Acoustic Device

The versatile device can be hand-held, vehicle mounted or attached to a helicopter. The LRAD enables Law Enforcement Officers to communicate clearly and accurately with the crowd at a long distance. The LRAD can also issue a non-lethal warning tone in the event the crowd fails to respond to orders issued by the Police.


TAR delivers a complete solution for your team. From customised anti-riot vehicles, equipped with the latest non-lethal technologies and equipment, to protective clothing and training  ensuring  your team is up to date with the latest methods.



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